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The preparation of ceramic veneers is very successful nowadays, because only a little part of the tooth has to be removed, at the same time they are  extremely beautiful and long-lasting. Usually a reduction of aproximately 0,5 mm is required for a porcelain veneer, so only a minimum of the tooth material has to be removed. The dental laboratory prepares the veneers on the basis of an impression. The veneer itself is only fixed during the next session. For the fixing of the veneers a special developed adhesive material is used. Extremely beautiful, delicate work can be prepared with this method.

Field of application:

  • in case of worn or chipped teeth, in order to cover stained teeth, especially in case of front teeth (for instance heavy discoloration after taking strong tetracycline /formerly widespread antibiotic/, which doesn’t react to professional bleaching procedures),
  • cover gaps, reduce gaps between teeth,
  • correction of axis difference of teeth without the use of braces,
  • after the damage of teeth, the damage of cutting edge of the teeth, or in case of split or broken teeth,
  • in case of chipped off edges of front teeth,
  • color correction of discolored teeth after root treatment,
  • optimizing the position of the outstanding teeth into the dental arch.