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Dr. Tamás Sass

Dr. Tamás Sass
Oral surgeon

In 2002 I got my degree at the Semmelweis Medical University Faculty of Dentistry.

After graduating from 2002-04 I worked at the Central Institute of Stomatology as a resident.

In October 2004, I became a professional examination and dental and oral diseases specialist physician.

I worked in the St. Roch Hospital mandible Facial and Oral Surgery Department in 2004-06. From 2007, I am the Kecskemét County Hospital mandible Facial and Oral Surgery Department application. In January 2007,

I passed another exam with excellent results and became the Dento-Alveolar oral surgery specialist. In 2012, I got my second degree at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine. In 2015 I made another exam and became the face-jaw surgery specialist.

In 2016 I became the head physician of the Kecskemét County Hospital for face and jaw oral surgery department. It is important for me to keep up to date knowledge acquisition and expanding their use in everyday practice.

 I am a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian face, jaw and Oral Surgery Society. I speak advanced level English.