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Dr. Ágnes Fehér

Dr. Ágnes Fehér

I got my degree in 2009 in Semmelweiss University Budapest.

I’m the member of the Hungarian Dental Assotiation. I regulary visit special dental courses to learn new methods and keep my dental knowledge up to date.

My profiles are aesthetic dentistry and dentures. I speak English and German, I ’m expert in work with foreign patients. For me is the most important to reach the best solution without pain. I want to prove to my patients, that they don’t have to be afraid from the dental treatment.

Explain everything they can understand, what will happen and why – so the „unknown” won’t be so scared anymore. If there are more solutions they have the chance to choose, so we can really work together and find the best solution.

The final healthy, happy smile is what I work for – and it worth everything I am a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber. I speak advanced level English