Combined dentures

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These ones are a combination of a fixed bridge and a removable prosthesis. It is necessary in such cases where the dispersal of the tooth loss has already reached an extent in which  the force exercised by chewing and biting is very burdening  for the still remaining teeth. Mostly cases are typical in which the patient still has incisors in the front, but a lot of molars are already missing. In such cases ceramic crowns are prepared for the remaining natural teeth,which are bonded fix, in which links – anchors, attachments – are worked into. With the aid of these links the removable prosthesis is connected with the residual set of teeth. One part of the press stud is at the end of the bridge, the other is fixed on the denture. If the denture is put in its place, the anchorage can’t be seen.

They all have the following advantages: stability, optimal charge of the teeth and thus no loosening of teeth. By the use if the hidden anchorage an extremely advantageous aesthetic effect can be achieved. This solution is often optimal for patients who do not have enough bone for an implantation or have to do without it due to cost concerns.