Metal-free ceramic crowns
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At the area of the incisors it is frequent, that though the crown looks nice, it doesn’t look natural next to your own  teeth. The main reason  for this is, that the basis of the metal-ceramic crown is metal, and therefore the light transmission is lower, as in case of natural teeth. This problem can be solved with metalfree ceramic crowns.

A metal-free ceramic crown which is transmitting light, called CERCON, can’t be distinguished from natural teeth, even from a distance  of 5-10 cm. The CERCON system has been developed by Swiss scientists. The model of the crown or bridge framework is fabricated into wax, is optically scanned by a laser and consequently by means of the computer it is cut in maximized size from the pre-cemented Y-TCP perform and finally it is heavily cemented. After this the framework is covered with ceramics.

The advantage of the Cercon system are the following : exceptional strength, toughness, reliability and biocompatibility,ability of transmitting light, it is allergy free and it has a low temperature conductivity.