Top Dental Tourism Destination

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Top 5 Dental Tourism Destinations

For high-quality, affordable dental treatment abroad, the most popular countries are Hungary, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia and Costa Rica. Each destination has different reasons for its popularity, and tends to attract dental tourists from different countries, depending on their proximity and budget.

Malaysia and Thailand are particularly popular amongst Australian and New Zealand patients due to the availability of affordable flights. Costa Rica and Mexico are the top destinations of Americans. Meanwhile, Hungary is extremely accessible for dental tourists from the UK and Western Europe. Other nearby European countries such as Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia are also popular due to their affordability and convenient location. Read on for more information about the top dental tourism destinations.


Dental tourism in Europe has experienced a boom in recent years due to the big difference in costs between countries located close to one another. Nevertheless, Hungary is the most popular destination for those seeking dental work in Europe. The country is renowned for its skilful, highly qualified dentists, state of the art clinics, and affordable prices. Moreover, Hungary is famous for its rich culture and complex history, meaning that dental tourists have the chance to experience a fantastic holiday whilst receiving the very highest standards of dental treatment.


Dental tourists arriving in Malaysia are greeted by high-tech clinics and excellent medical services. The country is recognised for its top cosmetic dentistry expertise in areas such as bridges and implants. The standard of English which is spoken by dental surgeons is high, and visas for visitors arriving for medical reasons are very flexible. And of course, Malaysia is well-recognised as an exotic holiday destination, with beautiful beaches and wonderful food.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a tourist destination renowned for eco-friendly tourism and exciting adventure travel. However, dental tourism is also a fast-growing sector. Americans visit the country for a whole variety of dental work, from teeth whitening to dentures. They money they save by opting for dental work abroad leaves them with extra cash to spend exploring the rich flora and fauna of the beautiful country.


Mexico is an extremely popular dental tourism destination for several reasons. It is very easy to access, especially for residents of the southern states of the US, who can visit for a weekend to get dental work done. However location is not the only factor accounting for the popularity for the country – it is home to many cutting-edge clinics, and dental professionals who were trained in the US.


This destination is home to some enormous, professional dental clinics catering specifically for medical tourists. They handle thousands of foreign patients every year, catered for by highly-qualified dentists, many of whom were trained in Western countries. Patient care is exceptional, and the country also offers a wealth of holiday options.

Ultimately, the ‘best’ dental tourism destination will vary from person to person. It is up to the individual to consider various countries, taking into account travel times and costs, treatment costs, visas, the services they require, and which countries are most appealing to them.