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Why are so many Britons and Americans turning to Hungarian Dental Travel?

The price of dental work in the US and the UK is simply unaffordable for many people, even quite wealthy citizens, and prices continue to rise. Whilst in the UK, those with basic dental requirements can turn to the NHS, the national health service does not cover dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Even the cost of basic NHS treatments is too high for some, and densely populated areas, many NHS dentists are over-subscribed, with extensive waiting lists. In the US, the cost of private dentistry, for those without comprehensive insurance, is staggeringly high.

Hungary is a popular travel destination for those seeking dentistry abroad, from all over the world. It’s easy to see why – Hungarian dental work is around 60 – 80% cheaper than treatment in the US and the UK. The Hungarian capital of Budapest is home to many dental surgeries catering for clients from overseas. These specialised practices offer a comprehensive service, assisting clients with flights, visas where necessary, transport arrangements and accommodation.

Hungarian dental surgeries offer a high-quality service, with excellent customer care and cutting-edge materials and technologies, all at an extremely affordable price. This is possible because the cost of living is far lower in Hungary. Wages, building rental, taxes and material costs are far cheaper than in Western Europe and the US, whilst the quality of dentistry remains high. Hygiene levels are excellent, and the service provided is comparable with that offered by private clinics in the UK and the US.

The Hungarian capital is also a popular choice for dental tourists as Budapest is a leading European holiday destination. The city has much to offer the visitor, from culinary delights to historic churches and villas, relaxing thermal spas and fascinating history. Those seeking dental work will have ample opportunity to explore the city and discover Budapest’s delights beyond the dentist’s chair. Whilst Mexico and South America are common destinations for Americans seeking dental work overseas, Hungary is an ideal choice for those eager to travel to Europe at the same time. For British citizens, Budapest offers the opportunity to visit a beautiful part of central Europe for a short break, whilst potentially saving thousands of pounds at the same time.

A top quality service, specialised customer care, affordable prices, and the opportunity to explore a beautiful European city – it’s no wonder that more and more Britons and Americans are choosing Hungarian dental travel.