Dental Work Abroad

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Common concerns of those seeking dental work abroad

The cost of undergoing private dental work in the UK can be exorbitant, and as a result more and more British patients are travelling to undertake dental work abroad. Impressive savings can be made on the price of both cosmetic and non-cosmetic dental work by travelling to Central and Eastern Europe. Highly qualified dentists offer treatments ranging from veneers and crowns to implants and bridges.

If you are considering choosing dentistry work abroad, you may have lots of questions: Is travelling overseas for dental work safe? Where can I find the highest quality dentistry for the most affordable price? By choosing to travel for dentist work abroad, how much will I save? This article will attempt to address some of these concerns

Is dentistry work abroad safe?

There are thousands of highly qualified dentists in Europe, beyond the UK. Some countries even maintain more rigorous standards for dental care than the UK. Nevertheless, before travelling for dentist work abroad, it is wise to do your research. Read articles and unbiased reviews about your chosen dental practice. Check online dental work abroad forums for honest information about dentists and dental practices. Before leaving the UK, speak at length with your chosen dentist about the dental work you require, your medical history, and consider sending your dental records. Read the guidelines issued by the General Dental Counsel of the UK for those seeking dental care abroad.


Where can I find the highest quality dentistry for the most affordable price?

Many patients form the UK choose Spain, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine when opting for dental care abroad. Dentistry in these countries is more affordable due to lower overheads. The prices of dentist salaries, taxes, property rental and basic amenities are lower in these countries, translating into a smaller bill for dental treatment. In general, Central and Eastern European countries offer the best rates, whilst most dentists are still qualified to high European standards. Do some research, checking dental work abroad forums and articles to see which destination is right for you.


By choosing to travel for dentist work abroad, how much will I save?

Depending on the treatment which you require, it is possible to save as much as 70% by travelling abroad for dental work. However it is important to factor all many different costs into the calculation of how much it is possible to save. Whilst there are many budget airlines which fly to Europe from the UK, travel costs can still vary enormously, depending on your chosen travel dates. Be sure to travel outside of school holidays, and avoid travelling during the weekends, to get the best price. It is also important to consider accommodation and living costs. If your chosen practice caters specifically for dental tourists, then they should be willing to help you arrange accommodation. Many people are opting to arrange their holidays around their dental work, choosing their annual holiday destination based on where they can find affordable, high-quality dental care. This means that they can visit discover a new country, soak in a new culture and relax, at the same time as saving money on their dental bills.