Dental Treatment Abroad Reviews

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Why seek dental treatment abroad?

In the UK dental treatment can be extremely expensive, and dental practices often have long waiting lists. Moreover, the National Health Service does not provide cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dental work such as crowns, implants, teeth whitening and fillings can cost up to 70% more in the UK than in some of the most popular dental tourism destinations. For a fraction of the price back home, patients can avoid long waiting lists and receive premium quality dental work and excellent patient care from a highly qualified dentist.

Why are the costs of dental treatment so much lower abroad?

In popular destinations such as Hungary and Ukraine, the cost of living is much lower than in the UK and Western Europe. The costs associated with running a dental practice are greatly reduced due to lower dentist and dentistry staff salaries, rent and taxes. The materials and technologies used by the dental practices are of the same, if not better, quality, and the medical staff are still highly qualified. Therefore dental treatments abroad are much more affordable, without compromising on quality. Reading dental treatment abroad reviews shows that thousands of satisfied dental patients find affordable, premium quality treatments overseas every year.

What are the risks associated with dental treatment abroad?

There are risks associated with any kind of medical treatment, and seeking dental work overseas requires some preparation. If you are considering travelling overseas for dentistry, make sure you review the following points:

  • Research your dental clinic and dentist thoroughly. Check dental treatment abroad reviews from the clinic and dental work abroad forums to obtain an unbiased opinion of the clinic.
  • To avoid any communication problems, ensure your dentist speaks English.
  • Obtain an upfront quote for the cost of your treatment (including any return visits for aftercare) to avoid any nasty surprises
  • Review your travel insurance to ensure it covers your trip
  • Ensure your dentist is willing to give you a thorough consultation before you confirm your treatment

Where are the best places to seek dental treatment abroad?

Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is the most popular dental tourism destination for those travelling from the UK. Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland are also popular locations, due to their convenient proximity to the UK, and affordable dentistry prices. Choosing your dental treatment destination is a very personal decision, so be sure to do your research, speak with clinics, and check dental work abroad reviews and forums before booking your flights.