Dental Holiday Europe

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Easing the Pain of Dental Work

The cost of dental work in many Western countries, such as the UK, Western Europe and the United States, is spiralling. Those who find themselves in need of dental work face not only the pain of undergoing uncomfortable treatments, but also the pain of paying thousands of pounds for the privilege. In the UK, fillings can cost over £100, crowns upwards of £500, and the cost of implants runs into the thousands. That’s enough to make anybody wince. Several thousand pounds – you could have a holiday for that price!

More and more people are choosing to do just that – travel abroad and have a holiday, whilst getting their teeth fixed at the same time. Many destinations in Eastern Europe, such as Hungary and Ukraine, offer high quality dental care at a reduced rate, meaning that it is possible to take a vacation, travel, explore a new city and undergo dental treatment, all for a far smaller cost than undergoing dental treatment at home. Who would say no to potentially saving thousands of pounds, whilst getting the opportunity to take a break and explore a fascinating European city, such as Budapest or Kyiv?

There are many dentists in Eastern Europe who specialise in helping foreign clients, offering high quality, affordable dentistry. They can also provide support for accommodation, flights, travel to and from the airport, tourist activities and transport, covering all aspects of the holiday. They have a dedicated team who speak excellent English, and are prepared to help with every aspect of dental treatment and the holiday.

Picture this: you fly to Budapest in the evening, are welcomed at the airport and driven to your hotel for the evening. The next day, you visit the clinic and have a dental inspection. Both you and your dentist are happy to proceed with the treatment the following day, and you spend the afternoon exploring beautiful Budapest. The next day you are driven to the clinic, where you undergo high quality treatment in the attentive care of your dental team. After a restful night’s sleep at your hotel, you spend the next day sampling more of the delights which Budapest has to offer. After a final check up the next day, you travel home. A weekend away, superior dental care, and money left in your pocket compared to the cost of the same treatment at home. A real win-win scenario.

Of course, as with any private medical treatment, and travel overseas, there are some risks. If you are considering a dental holiday in Europe, be sure to do your research and ask your prospective dental practice questions. Verify the dentist’s experience and qualifications, and check that they are a member of a reputable dental association. Make sure that they are insured, and obtain a personalised quote covering all aspects of the treatment, including post-treatment care and any return visits required for complex treatments. You can also ask for references from previous dental clients. Taking these simple measures will assure that you are receiving the best dental care possible, and ensure your dental holiday runs smoothly. Once you have done your research, let a holiday put the smile back upon your face!